The OSS experimentation platform for LLM pipelines

The OSS experimentation platform for LLM pipelines

Build, evaluate and optimize your LLM pipelines to increase accuracy and reduce cost. Deployed on your own infra.

Superpipe SDK

Superpipe SDK

pip install superpipe-py


Build multistep pipelines and experiment with parameters like models, prompts, and number of RAG results.

from superpipe import grid_search

params_grid = { {

'model': [models.gpt35, models.gpt4],

}, {

'k': [3, 5, 7],

}, {

'prompt': [simple_prompt, advanced_prompt],



search_embeddings = grid_search.GridSearch(categorizer, params_grid)

Superpipe Studio

Superpipe Studio

Dataset management

Build golden sets with easy ground-truth labeling tools


Compare experiments across cost, speed, and accuracy


Observe pipelines and deep dive into logs




Who built Superpipe?

Superpipe was developed by Village Computing Company (formerly Stelo Labs) as an internal project to aid in our pipeline development. We thought it could be useful for other people so we polished the UI and launched Studio.

Can I deploy Superpipe in my own environement?

Yes, absolutely. The Superpipe SDK is completely open-source and Superpipe Studio can be deployed inside your cloud for complete privacy and security.

Is there a hosted version of Superpipe Studio?

No. It's easy to host Superpipe Studio yourself but we don't offer a hosted version since it's not our main focus.

How do I build a pipeline?

You can visit our docs at to see example pipelines.

What is the benefit of Superpipe?

Superpipe is an experimentation platform for your LLM pipelines so that you can reduce cost and increase accuracy.

Does Superpipe replace Langchain or Llama Index?

Superpipe works alongside popular libraries. Visit our to learn more.

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